1835 Census of Tenehaw (Shelby County)

These records were transcribed from the publication "East Texas 1835" and  the 1950 Nacogdoches Archives of "Census Reports of 1835"

In 1836 the name was changed from Tenehaw to Shelby County.   The district of Tenehaw of the Municipality of San Augustine was made a separate municipality in 1835, centering round the town of Nashville, but its boundaries were not then defined.  It is assumed that Tenehaw, which became one of the original counties of The Republic of Texas, included all of San Augustine north to the northern line of the municipality of Sabine, created in 1835, and north of the San Augustine-Shelby line as defined in 1837.  (Ref.  The State-wide Records Indexing and Inventory Program, April, 1942)

Thanks to Phabreece Bryce Havis for transcribing this data.


Choctaw Indians - Patroon
                Males -     49
                Females - 59

Choctaws Indians - Theonna Village
                Males -     30
                Females - 26

Huonna Indians - Huonna Bayou
                Males -     25
                Females - 28



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