Clever Creek Baptist Church

            On the first Sunday in September 1903, the Baptist of Clever Creek Community, in Shelby County Texas, met at the school house in said community.  According to a prevision aforementioned, and Elders, G. W. Creech and J.A. Smith being present, Bro. Smith was requested to preach and after preaching a motion prevailed that there be a Missionary Baptist Church organized in said Community.  At this meeting and that Bro. J.A. Smith act a moderator of the same. On motion Bro. C.c. Wilkins, was appointed Clerk pro tem. The following named brothers and Sisters presented Letters of dismission from Center Ridge Church.  To wit:  L.B. Bounds, Amanda Bounds, C.C. Wilkins, S.C. Wilkins, Ben Wilkins, E.A. Cammack, H.E. Cammack, E.A. Cammack, Harrietta Cammack, C.W. Yearwood, Artimipsi? Yearwood, Loadecia Wilkins, Dora Whittlesey and Ethel Whittlesey which was read.  After which the hand of Fellowship was extended by all the persons named above, and all agreed to adopt the Church Covenant and Articles of Faith of the Old Thilidelphia Aposat???. Bro. C.C. Wilkins was then elected as Clerk of the Church.  A selection was made for a name for Clever Creek; the organization to be known as the Missionary Baptist Church at Clever Creek.   The first Sunday in each month was selected as the time of meeting with Saturday night before for our Conference.  Meeting adjourned. 
/S/  J. A. Smith, Moderator Pro tem
/S/  C.C. Wilkins, Church Clerk.

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Information on this site was taken for Clever Creek Baptist Church  Eightieth Anniversary
September, 1983
Established in 1903
Center, Texas