Membership of the Myrtle head Missionary Baptist Chruch

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* In notes indicate one of the original founders of Myrtle Head Missionary Baptist Church.

Member Notes
Andrews, B.
Andrews, Sister L.M.
Bailey, Agnes
Bailey, Bonnie
Bailey, Eula Statement?
Bailey, Leathel Baptism August 26, 1934,  Letter January 16, 1938
Bailey, Margaret
Bailey, Tote? Baptism August 1931 by Letter November 15, 1936
Bailey, Vergel
Belcher, Sister ???
Bradshaw, Essie
Bradshaw, Johnnye Sue
Byford, Emma Died August 1934
Byford, H.T. Died April 1936
Byford, Hugh
Byford, Emma
Byford, Nora Letter August 7, 1931- by Letter ??? 194??
Carmichael, Lamar Baptism August 1930 - Deacon
Carmichael, Oula
Carmichel, Hope Baptism August 1930 - died April 12, 1936
Carmichel, Sister Eula Letter.
Childress, Sister O. L. Letter August 18, 1936
Collins, D.J.
Cooper, Henry
Covington, J.L. *
Creech, Rev. *  Moderator
Crocker, T.N.
Eaves, A.A. * Church Clerk
Eaves, Edith Baptism August 9, 1931
Eaves, W.W.
Eves, A.J. * See A.A. Eaves (Same?)
Eves, Sister Ola *
Eves, W.D. *
Folsom, Richard J.? Letter May 1938 Letter April 1940 - Moved to Folsom Chapel
Forsythe, Naomi
Forsythe, Winnie
Gee, Helen Baptism 1946
Gee, Sidney
Gee?, Sidner?
Gilchrist, Lulie? Dismissed, Letter September 13, 1942 Salem
Graves, Ella
Griffin, J.F. *
Grimsby, Annie
Gunnels, ???? *
Gunnels, Betty
Gunnels, Fleta
Gunnels, Houston
Gunnels, J.A. *
Gunnels, L.A. *
Gunnels, Purl?
Gunnels, Sister Bettie *
Gunnels, Sister Eva *
Gunnels, Sister S.E. *
Haggerty, J.E. *
Harrison, Drue
Hatton Issac
Hatton, J.R.
Hatton, Jeff
Hatton, Leona
Hatton, Lonnie
Hatton, Lukie
Hatton, Sister Vinnie
Holt, Blanch Marie Baptism 1936
Holt, H.B. Baptism August 4, 1831  Deacon
Holt, John
Holt, Mattie by Letter
Holt, Pallie Letter August 1934
Holt, Pallie
Holt, Rogers Baptism August 9, 1931 Letter July 15, 1938
Horn, Billie
Horn, J.L. *
Horn, Miss Nina Letter August 11, 1936
Horn, P.A. *
Horn, Sister Elizabeth *
Horn, Sister Ninna *
Horn, W.H. *
Hughes, Amos
Hughes, Crit?
Hughes, Leathel Baptism August 1930, by Leter September 3, 1932
Hughes, Lonnie *
Hughes, Minnie Letter September 3, 1932
Hughes, Nolen Baptism Augustg 9, 1930 by Letter September 3, 1932
Hughes, R.L. *
Hughes, Reothe? Letter September 4, 1932
Hughes, Rison Minister, by Letter September 3, 1932
Hughes, Sister Hattie *
Ingram, Walter
Jones, Edith Baptism August 26, 1934
Jones, F.M.
Joplin, W.H.
Latamore, J.A.
Luman, Liddle
Luman, Lillie
Luman, Mrs. Eunice Letter September 2, 1941 Salem
Marshall, Henry
Matlock, Sister Ira
McCalley, Sadie By Baptism May 1, 1932
McDonald, Vera Baptism August 9, 1931 by Letter October 22, 1944
McDonald, W.W. Baptism August 9, 1931 by Letter October 22, 1944
McSwain, ?.P. *
McSwain, Amos
McSwain, J.R. *
Miles, W.E. *
Mull, J.W.
Murphy, Sister Bertie *
Oliver, Effie Baptism August 1930
Oliver, Ethel
Oliver, Joe Baptism
Oliver, Nolie Letter
Oliver, Preston Statement  Deacon
Peddy, J.T.
Richey, J. T.
Sarle, Lon
Scarbrough, Sister E.L.
Screws, Burnice Baptism August 9, 1931, Letter July 15, 1934 Spann Chapel
Screws, Dugless Baptism August 9, 1931
Screws, Ruby Letter 1942
Seglar, Edith Baptism August 9, 1931  Look to Eaves Married
Siglar, C. J. Died June 9, 1935
Sigler, M.S. Died date not known
Sigler, Mary E. Letter August 1934, died December 17, 1942
Sigler, Nonnie
Sigler, W. J. Statement December 1934, Ordained Minister
Sigler, Willie *
Smith, C.C. *
Smith, Sister Josie *
Spivy, J. M.
Stephens, Ebb
Stoker, Ellis Letter 1947 in September
Stoker, Ollie Letter 1947 in September
Taylor, G.F.
Terry, Jim Baptism July 1935, Letter June 2, 1940 went to Mt. Herman
Thomas, Alice Letter
Thomas, H.K. Letter
Thomas, Henry
Tyler Vertis L.? July 1937, L. August 1937
Tyler, Mrs. Minnie L. July 1937 August 3, 1939 Mt. Herman
Tyler, P.B. L. July 1937, Letter  Ordained Minister
Tyler, Vertis L.? July 1937, L. August 1937
Walker, J.K. *
Wall, Bettie
Wall, Sister Bugay?
Wall, W.L.
Webb, J.W.
Webb, R. M. *
Webb, Sister E.O. *
Wo?kon Sister S.J. *