Constables of Shelby County


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Johnny Hughes Raymond Hughes Kevin W. Windham C. W. Milford Everett Harbison Tom Myers


Butch Adams - Pct 1

Joe Alford - Joaquin

Jack Conway - Tenaha

Billy Graves - Joaquin

Rip Menefee - Tenaha

Dexter Vaughn -Pct 2

David Vickery - Pct 4

Hoyt Walker

M. L. Powers - Timpson
George E. Hillin- Tenaha   Daniel Edward Chapmen - Timpson 5

            The office of constable dates back at least to 1866 and the Norman Conquest of England. William the Conqueror appointed constables to supervise individual communities or boroughs. The office of constable had been transplanted to the British colonies in North America by the mid-seventeenth century. In the early years, the constable and justice of peace were about the only law and order most rural American settlers ever saw.
            The Constitution of 1876 mandated that constables would once again be elected at the precinct level. A 1954 constitutional amendment extended their term of office from two years to four.
            While researching the Commissioners Court Minutes, the earliest date we found constables serving in Shelby County was 1882. The following is a list for 1882-1887:
            J. M. Whiteside, O. A. Bright, B. H. Mitchell, A. C. Ramsey, A. H. Mills, C. R. Smith, S. L. Harris, J. D. Hairgrove, W. L. Jackson, D. L. McKenzie, J. P. Windham, B. Pleasant, J. E. Perkins, J. W. Hurst, M. F. Witherspoon, J. B. Tyler, Hugh Ballard, William Walter, G. M. Lowery, J. R. Richardson, G. P. Brittain, S. F. Jordon, W. A. Walker, Joe Ferguson and J. F. Beck. The ones serving in 1913 were: J. M. Risinger, T. G. Watson, J. W. Brittain, C. McNeil and C. C. Hooper.
            The following is a list of constables taken from the Court Minutes starting in 1936: Clyde Pearce, O. L. Parker, Eddie DeFriend served from 1936-1960, J. L. Smith, K. B. Choate, R. B. Alford, D. E. Chapman, Frank Francis, M. P. Enmon, Joe Adams, George Windham, C. H. Perry, John Templin, D. E. Alford, M. L. Powers, Brown Chandler, W. H. Ramsey, Bill Reynolds, Charles Barbee, J. D. Cook, Joe F. Campbell, Sam Davis, J. C. Wiggins, William Runnels, R. P. Burns, Max Menefee, Johnnie Hughes (In 1960, he was the youngest constable in Texas.), Tom Spurlock, Turner Sparks, Rob Stone, Tom Myers, Hoyt Walker, Fred Green, O. F. "Butch" Adams, Billy Graves, Clovis Goings, J. T. Hughes (He died in office and his wife, Delores, finished his term.), Jack Hughes, Dexter Vaughn, Everett Harbison, Max Churchman, James E. Carlton, Johnny Clinton William and Joe S. Alford.
            Carol Wayne Milford has been serving Precinct 5, the Timpson area, for over thirty years. He was first elected to this position in 1967. David Vickery was elected to serve Precinct 4, the Tenaha area, in 1974. Kevin Windham has served Precinct 2, the Shelbyville area, since he was elected in 1992. Billy F. Hearnsberger was elected to serve Precinct 3, the Joaquin area, in 1998. Zack Warr was elected to serve Precinct 1, the Center area, in 2001. These five men are the current (2002) constables in their precincts.

        Today, constables numbering approximately 780 are elected from precincts in most Texas counties.

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