Brandon Shofner Memorial Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

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Take Highway 87 South 3.3 miles to F.M. Road 414, turn left and proceed to the sign of the Sardis Pentecostal Church, 2 miles,  turn left onto the dirt road and go about 100 yards you will see the church and the cemetery on the left.   At the death of Brandon Paige Shofner the church established the cemetery and it was named for Brandon, the first person to be interred in the cemetery.

Transcribed by Ray Jackson, September 9, 1999.

Donnie Belrose 02-09-1969 - h/o Vicki Lummus Belrose, m. 01-16-1999
Mary Beth Belrose 09-28-1951 02-27-2007 w/o Roe Belrose
Ray W. Belrose 03/08/1919 08/26/2002 h/o Zannie G. Belrose,Married 11/22/1939
Vicki Lummus Belrose 04/17/1974 04/12/2001 w/o Donnie Belrose, m. 01-16-1999
Zannie G. Belrose 09/02/1920 - w/o Ray W. Belrose, Married 11/22/1939
Terry Glenn Rash 10/15/1971 08/31/1999 Son of Bobby & LaNell Rash
Brandon Paige Shofner 12/29/1971 12/04/1986 Son of Lillian & Oliver Shofner
Lillian M. Shofner 08-04-1942 - w/o Oliver B. Shofner, m. 02-10-1967
Oliver M. Shofner 07/23/1943 04/06/2000 h/o Lillian B. Shofner, m. 02-10-1967
Patsy Ann Whitton 09/22/1933 08/22/2007 -