Buckley Cemetery

Shelby County Texas

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Transcribed by Leonard Irish and Ray Jackson, November 27, 2000.

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From Center take Highway 87 through Shelbyville and on about 6 miles to Hurstown.  Turn left on FM 139 and proceed until it intersects with FM 3184.   Turn right (actually go straight) on FM 3184 for 2.4 miles to the dirt road CR 2789, turn right and proceed .2 miles.  (Some maps incorrectly indicate this to be CR 2700)  On this road, there will be one house on the left.   On private property to the right near a forked pine stump is a logging road that leads to the cemetery .1 miles north into the thicket.

The GPS for this cemetery has been sent to us by [email protected]    They are as follows:

N    31 degrees 41.773’-----W 093 degrees 52.032’

 N    31 degrees 41.753’-----W 093 degrees 52.034’

 N   31 degrees 41.751’-----W 093 degrees 52.011’

 N   31 degrees 41.770’-----W 093 degrees 52.009’

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
E.B. - - Stone
J.D.R. - - Stone
J.W.B. - - Stone
M.D.W. - - Stone
T.W. - - Stone
W.W. - - Stone
W.H.W. - - Stone
Horace Buckley 08/26/1888 02/06/1896 Son of C.N. & L.O. Buckley
Jno W. Buckley 12/23/1845 08/17/1898 -
Mary Buckley 11/26/1833 09/02/1881 Dau of T & M.F. Buckely
Tyre Buckley, Jr. - - -
Jovie Leonie Kurvin 06/11/1895 12/01/1897 Dau of W.H. & Lulu Kurvin
Lummer Kurvin 02/26/1897 12/15/1897 Son of W. H. & Lulu Kurvin
Ulae Kurvin 11/01/1898 12/18/1898 Son of W. H. & Lulu Kurvin
Emily Buckley McMahon Pugh 1860 1893 Wife of John David McMahon
John David McMahon 1853 1882 Husb of Emily Buckley McMahon
William Thomas Winslow 12/04/1856 03/06/1936 Stone - Info supplied by James Smolarek from Mangum Funeral Home


The following formation on this site is taken from the book of "J.B. Sanders, Shelby County, Texas- 1836-1964."   

In the J.B. Sanders book, the remark "No dates" indicates that the information came from source other than marker.

Name Birthrate Deathdate Notes
E. L. Buckley No dates No dates -
E. R. Buckley " " -
Horace Buckley 08/26/1883 02/06/1896 Son of G. H. & L. C. Buckley
J. B. Buckley No dates No dates -
J.D.R. Buckley No dates No dates-  
John W. Buckley 12/23/1845 08/17/1899 -
J.W. B. Buckley No dates No dates -
M. B. Buckley No dates No dates -
M. L. Buckley No dates No dates -
Mary Buckley 11/20/1865 09/02/1881 Dau of T.B. & M.F. Buckley
N. W. Buckley No dates No dates -
O. B. Buckley No dates No dates -
T. B. Buckley No dates No dates -
W. Buckley No dates No dates -