1910 Cicero School

The Cicero School was previously known as Risinger or Roughedge School

First Row Girls:  Edna Shofner, Ima Bowlin, Adelia Shofner, Rosa Lee Teal, Addie Risinger, Della Risinger, Gertrude Gary, Etta Shofner, Mabel Risinger, Bessie Gary, Myrtle Bowlin, Louise Risinger, Bessie Samford, Minnie Bowlin, Bessie Shofner, Mattie Shofner, Julia Bowlin, Mary Shofner, Carrie Samford, Annie Bell Risinger, And Lena Samford.

Second Row Boys:  Robert Samford, Martin Shofner, Bryan Samford, Elton Samford, Artis Bowlin, Dick Holt, Elvis Bowlin, Hoy Bowlin, Charlie Gary, Clyde Risinger, Bethel Risinger, Travis Risinger and Jerry Bowlin.  The Teacher is Ida Stanfield.


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