1936 Crockett School

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The Teachers of Crockett School in 1936 who are shown with their pupils are Tom Cook, Miss Katie Creech and Miss Oneta Samford.

Front L-R:  Billy Monk, Billy Ray Hughes, Webb boy, Bud Mills, Novalee Byford, Charles Ray McSwain, Unknown, Unknown, Grady Wayne Hughes, Billy Covington, unknown;
Second Row L-R:  Lout girl, Billie Fay Fitzgerald, Ida Bell Thomas, Wondalee Watson, Byford girl, Windford Samford, Unknown, Unknown, Lottie Hughes, Shirley Owen, Catheryn Fitzgerald;
Third Row L-R:  Ralph Gisman, Wilburn boy, John Covington, Unknown, Evyon Fitzgerald, Hallen Watson, Raymond Forbis, P. L. Lout, Weldon Hughes.
Fourth Row L-R: Blanch Owen, Maurice Forbis Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Jack Murphey, A.J. Thomas:
Fifth Row L-R:  Wilburn boy, Beddy Rae Lout, Unknown, Maxie Hughes and Carroll Hughes.


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