1915 Cooper School, #24, Shelby County

Students attending Cooper School, #24, May 1915 Shelby County.   In the 1920 Voter List, District #24 is Arcadia. This also, could be Arcadia Community.

Sex Age Student Parent
M 10 Anderson, A.J. Anderson, W. M.
F 7 Anderson, Claton Anderson, W.M.
M 11 Anderson, J.B. Anderson, W.M.
M 8 Anderson, L.W. Anderson, W. M.
F 14 Baker, A?? Baker, J.W.
M 7 Baker, I.Z. Bkaer, J.W.
F 12 Baker, Maggie B. Baker, J.W.
F 7 Beasley, Annice Beasley, F.D.
M 14 Block, Adison Block, M.A.
M 10 Boatman, Henry Boatman, E.H.?
F 7 Brooks, Charlie Brooks, E.W.
M 7 Bryan, Luther Bryan, J.F.
M 13 Bryan, Robert Bryan, J.F.
M 16 Bryce, Amos Ceals, A.J.
M 8 Clifton, Oswald Clifton, Will
F 9 Crawley, Anna MCrawley, T.C.
M 14 Dyer, Aubrey Dyer, U.G.
F 13 Dyer, Vera Dyer, U.G.
F 12 Jones, ???ille Jones, H.M.
F 8 Jones, Edna Jones, J.D.
F 10 Jones, Lillie Jones, H.M.
F 11 Jones, Mable Jones, J.D.
F 14 Jones, Norma Jones, J.D.
F 14 Jones, Thelma Jones, H.M.
M 13 Jones, Walter Jones, H.M.
M 10 Jones, Walter Jones, J.D.
F 13 Lang, Bertha Lang, C.F.
M 11 Lang, C.F. Lang, C.F.
F 10 Lang, Ruby Lang, C.F.
F 14 Lawrence, Exa Lawrence, C.C.
F 8 Lawrence, Pearly Lawrence, C.C
M 12 Lawrence, Roe Lawrence, C.C.
M 10 Matkin, Millard Matkin, Harvey
M 11 Moody, Emmett Moody, J.M.
M 14 Oliver, Bryant Oliver, W.T.
M 10 Oliver, Euell Oliver, W.T.
F 10 Renfro, Vera Renfro, J.R.
M 7 Rooch, Willie Stelle, Mrs. H.E.
F 9 Sanford, Myrtle Sanford, Elvia?
M 15 Skelton, Luther Skelton, J.M.
M 9 Skelton, Tiny Skelton, J.M.
F 9 Smith, Dotsie Smith, Nannie
F 11 Smith, North Era Smith, Nannie
M 11 Strawn, Deci Strawn, W.C.
M 9 Strawn, Dewey Strawn, W.C.
F 16 Strawn, Jewell Strawn, W.C.
M 14 Strawn, Leslie Strawn, T.J.
F 14 Strawn, Ola Strawn, W.C.
F 7 Strawn, Ora Strawn, T.J.
M 12 Strawn, Parker Strawn, W.C.
F 9 Strawn, Pearly May Strawn, C.E.
F 9 Strawn, Rosa Strawn, T.J.
M 7 Strawn, Vessie Strawn, C.E.
M 14 Warren, Luther Warren, Ed
F 11 Warren, Ruby Warren, Ed
F 9 Warren, Sallie Warren, Ed
M 14 Williams, Alvin Williams, Wm.
M 9 Williams, Lee Williams, Wm.

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